About us



Creating values for our customers by offering our products with optimum quality and prices.


Becoming a national and global leading firm with business excellence and society and value creation, continuously growing with new leaps and keeping the customer, employee and shareholder satisfaction at maximum. Values we aim to protect and develop while advancing to realize our mission:

• Quality

• Customer Satisfaction

• Human Orientation

• Team Spirit

• Cooperation

• Globalization

• Environmental Consciousness

• Ethical Values


The corporate criteria related to employment and promotion are devised in written form within the scope of our HR policy. Occupational Health and Safety Regulation is strictly followed.

The objective of our HR Policy:

– The right person for the right job, 

– Equal pay for equal work, 

– Equal opportunity for everyone,

– Necessary training provided to all employees,

– Job description for all employees, and

– Enhancing the competence of our manpower by remaining loyal to our corporate principles.

Functioning of the specified HR Systems are defined with procedures and notified to all employees with a Human Resources Manual.


Founded by Mr. Petre Pendevski in 1990, initially as a small manufacturing company for producing heaters, in a small factory production facility.


Successful factory for production of home appliances and commercial refrigerators.

• 100.000 pcs. / year production capacity,

• Over 150 employees,

• Approved supplier,

• 10000 m2 factory facility,

• Computer Numeric controlled equipment,

• Over 60 customer networks in 14 countries in Europe and in Russia 

• ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate,

• Broad customer portfolio, strong brand image, solid financial structure, extensive sales and after-sales network, huge export potential, modern manufacturing facilities and high productivity has brought our company to a leading place in the industry.