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FoxIT Pellet Stoves

FoxIT 6,8 and 10 Pellet stoves with control panel TiEmme, constant control of under pressure in the burning chamber and automatic calculation of parameters for continuous adjustment of air intake and quality of burning. Burning pot and auger made from cast iron. Programmed automatic cleaning of burning pot. Successful ignition even without manual cleaning after 4-5 days . Easy cleaning of heat exchanger and general cleaning of stove. Integrated safety device and function. Possibility for programming of ignition and stop (day,weeks and weekend). Automatic adjusting of heating fan depending on gases temperature. Possibility for adding a room thermostat instead of the room probe. Possibility for additional modem and connection on the internet for remote control from your mobile device or browser. With this addition user get 24 hours service on-line.

 Koper is one of the leading suppliers of a wide range of domestic appliances in the region. Packed with the latest state of the art features and technology, such as the most energy efficient cookers, Koper has products to suit all your needs. Reliability, build quality, energy efficiency and great value are just some of the reasons that more and more people are choosing from the Koper range of products.

 Safety and quality craftsmanship are only part of the great values and few of the reasons why people are opting for some of our products. Koper products are more commonly found on more markets across Europe, all sufficient proof of the quality of our products.


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