Cutting of sheet metal 

  • The metal is prepared and receives certain dimensions for post production.
  • Cutting sheet metals with 0.3 – 5 mm thickness and up to 2500 mm length, with a hydraulic cutting machine.
  • CNC plasma, cutting sheets with maximum thickness of 6 mm and 65 A. Working surface of 1000 x 2000 mm.


Bending of metal sheets

  • Angular bending on a Apkant Press with width up to 2500 mm and thickness of the sheet of up to 3 mm.
  • Rounded bending of metal sheets on hydraulic roller of up to 2000 mm width, and thickness of the sheet of up to 3 mm.


Deep draw and penetration of sheet metal

  • The metal receives a certain form, depending on the type of tool.
  • Hydraulic press from 40 to 350 tons with double effect and eccentric press for up to 60 tons.


CNC penetration (Punch machine)

  • Penetration of metals with tools in different shapes according to client needs, with material thickness of up to 2 mm and working surface of 1000 x 2000 mm.


Electrostatic painting and plasticization 

  • The process of electrostatic application of powdered color on the metal which is being treated.
  1. Chemical preparation 
  2. Dryer
  3. Painting cabin
  4. Polymerization stove
  • Surface area of  1000 x 2000 mm.



  • A process in which the surface of the metal is being covered with glass material which changes it’s aggregate state on a temperature of 820 degrees and hardens. This gives the metal aesthetic look and protection from corrosion. 
  • The enameling stove has a range of elements with dimensions up to 800 x 600 mm.



  • MIG welding with СО2 and electric welding.


* These services apply only for serial production.